NanoStation AC 5GHz airMAX ac CPE NS-5AC

Ubiquiti Networks set the bar for the world’s first low-cost and efficient broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) with the nanostation M. Sleek industrial design the nanostation AC. Dual Ethernet connectivity The nanostation AC provides a secondary Ethernet port with software-enabled PoE. Use this port to conveniently power an external device, such as a PoE security camera, for seamless IP video integration. Management Wi-Fi radio each nanostation AC model integrates a separate Wi-Fi radio for Fast and easy setup using your mobile device. Improved surge protection.


6 SIP Lines HD Voice POE Enabled
3 LCDs (Main + DSS)
Gigabit Ethernet 60 DSS Keys USB Bluetooth. Video decode Without PSU

Yeastar S412

Unifying the advanced VoIP technology with robust analog capacity, Yeastar S412 provides a future-ready solution that delivers exceptional productivity and cost-savings.

8 VoIP Users

8 Concurrent Calls

Up to 12 FXS Ports

Up to 4 FXO/BRI Ports

Up to 2 GSM/3G/4G Channels

Yeastar S50

SIP Ext.: max. 50
Concurrent call: max. 25
Analog Ports: max. 8 FXS/FXO ports BRI Ports: max. 8 BRI ports          GSM Ports: max. 4 GSM ports Storage: SD Card
Expand Slot: Not support

mANTBox 2 12s

2.4GHz 120 degree 12dBi dual polarization sector Integrated antenna with 600Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, PSU and PoE

mANTBox 15s

5GHz 120 degree 15dBi dual polarization sector Integrated antenna with 720Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, SFP, PSU and PoE

mANTBox 19s

5GHz 120 degree 19dBi dual polarization sector Integrated antenna with 720Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, SFP, PSU and PoE


Wireless Wire (Pair of preconfigured wAPG-60ad devices for 60Ghz link (Phase array 60 degree 60GHz antennas, 802.11ad wireless, four core 716MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 1x Gigabit LAN, RouterOS L3, POE, PSU) for 1Gbps full duplex on distances of up to 200m)

OmniTIK 5 PoE ac (RBOmniTikPG-5HacD)

OmniTIK 5 POE ac with 2 x 7.5dBi integrated 5GHz Omni antennas, High Gain Dual Chain 802.11an/ac wireless, 720MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 5xGigabit LAN (4 with POE -OUT), POE, PSU, pole mount, RouterOS L4