SIP Phone AT-530

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AT530 VoIP phone is a business IP phone terminal with high performance Infineon solution which adopts multiple voice control protocols and voice compression codec to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for internet transport, thus effectively usi

IP Compliant and Protocols MAC Address TCP:Transmission Control Protocol DHCP:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol PPPoE:PPP Protocol over Ethernet PoE(option) SNTP, Simple Network Time Protocol STUN – Simple Traversal of User Datagram … MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm DNS: Domain Name Server RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol RTCP:Real-time Control Protocol Telnet:Internet’s remote login protocol HTTP:Hyper Text Transfer protocol FTP:File Transfer protocol TFTP:Trivial File Transfer Protocol
Networking Interfaces Static/Dynamic WAN-IP-Addressing NAT, Firewall. VPN ( L2TP ) , Open VPN DHCP client and server. Support PPPoE, (used for ADSL, cable modem connecting).
Telephony Features VoIP SIP (SIP RFC3261,RFC 2543)/IAX2 support. Hotline. Call Forward, Call Transfer, 3-way conference calls Call ID display DND(Do Not Disturb),Black List,Limit List E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules Voice Tone generation and Local DTMF re-generation according with ITU-T G.711(A-law or u-law) , G.723.1(6.3kbps,5.3 kbps), G729 AGC(Auto Gain Control) AEC(Auto Echo Cancellation) VAD (Voice Activity Detection) CNG(Comfort Noise Generation G.165 compliant 96ms echo cancellation