XG 105(w)

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These desktop firewall appliances offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio making them ideal for small businesses  or branch offices. They are available with or without integrated 802.11ac wireless LAN, so you can even have an all-in-  one network security and hotspot solution without the need for additional hardware. Of course, you can also add external access points. With Intel multi-core technology designed for best performance and efficiency in a small form factor, these models come equipped with 4 GbE copper ports built-in and 1 shared SFP interface, e.g. for use with our optional DSL modem or an SFP Fiber transceiver to connect the device to a server or switch. An optional second power supply provides an unmatched redundancy option in this product segment.

Performance¹ XG 105(w) Rev. 3 XG 115(w) Rev. 3
Firewall throughput 3,5 Gbps 4 Gbps
Firewall IMIX 1,8 Gbps 2,0 Gbps
VPN throughput 360 Mbps 490 Mbps
IPS throughput 970 Mbps 1,22 Gbps
NGFW (IPS + App Ctrl) max. 480 Mbps 1 Gbps
Antivirus throughput (proxy) 450 Mbps 600 Mbps
Concurrent connections 3,200,000 6,000,000
New connections/sec 28,000 35,000
Maximum licensed users unrestricted unrestricted